Minima FXMinima FXMinima FXMinima FXMinima FXMinima FX

Minima FX

lightweight ball-bearing pulley system

Minima was designed as a lightweight and compact pulley system for most slackline activities. Ball bearings, integrated rope brake, and light 8mm static rope makes Minima our most favourite pulley system that brings all advantages of a pulley system together in a compact package.

WLL: 8 kN
MBS: 40 kN

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Product information

Unique design and dimensions set Minima on a path of daily use when rigging slacklines to length of up to 100 meters. Pulleys are no longer domain of professionals; Minima has made it available to everyone.
Sheaveless solution makes pulley system dimensions absolutely minimised. Minima’s structure does not require any rigging plate to mount rope brake.

Minima stands for minimal dimensions and weight, maximum efficiency and fun. Man, we really love Minima.

Webbing installation

Technical specification


WLL 8 kN
MBS 40 kN
Weight (M1 + M2) 364 g
Dimensions 110 x 42 x 45 mm
Bearings diameter 22 mm
Inner width 10 mm


Minima FX is compatible with these connectors:

Connector Size Pin Bow
Inox shackle 10 mm yes no
  12 mm yes no
  14 mm yes no
Green pin shackle 3/8" no no
  1/2" no no
  5/8" no no
Steel carabinor all no no
Quick link (oval, delta) 8 mm no no
  10 mm no no
  12 mm no no


Do not use the device higher than 1 m above the ground.

To ensure safety, please read the user manual carefully. Thank you.

Download PDF manual:  Minima FX,  Elephant FX