classic kit designated for walking and static tricks

Designed for those who prefer static walk over wild dynamic tricks. Anchoring the webbing using steel shackles extends the line’s life-span, and ratchet tensioning saves time. Made in the Czech Republic.

length: 20 m
weight: 2,55 kg

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Product information

The slackline Balance kit will suit mainly people who prefer walking and static tricks. Special steel shackle anchoring design makes the Balance kit life expectancy higher, and reduces common damage most slacklines suffer from. The set comes in a frustration free package with Czech-English user guide.

Technical specification


Webbing width 25 mm
Length 20 m
Weight 2550 g
WLL 5 kN

Do not rig slackline sets higher than 1 m above the ground.

To ensure safety, please read the user manual carefully. Thank you.

Download PDF manual