ultralight webbing for soft-release or rodeo lines

The Slim is truly light webbing applied primarily in tensioning systems. Experts however use it for special slackline forms such as rodeo etc.

WLL: 3 kN
MBS: 11 kN

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Product information

Slim is a polyester ultra low weight webbing (26 g / m) and has wonderful dynamics when rigged as a normal short slackline. Due to its lower MBS we recommend to use it for lines up to about 20 m long.  It is best used in rigging and soft-release systems though - its fine weave guarantees smooth action.

​Low weight makes Slim a perfect ultra-light travel mate.


WLL 3 kN
MBS 11 kN
Weight 26 g/m
Webbing width 25 mm
Stretch 7% (při WLL)

Do not exceed the recommended WLL values.

Stretch values may vary depending on the age of the webbing and its moisture content.