Danny Menšík

"I love to challenge my own limits and walk on the lines in places no-one ever visited before me."

Highline world record - 1020 m ! (FRA) Gorges du Daluis - 330 m polyester highline (FRA) Vítěz River Crossing World Championship speedline contest (PL) Účastník první highline expedice na Island

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Favourite slackline spot:

I love Adrspach, Cesky Raj (Czech Paradise) and Ostrov. I can’t really tell what place I like most though, because all of them are the best. Simply Czech playground.

Gear of choice:

I prefer soft-release / weblock combo Sheriff FX. Super simple and light ridding and releasing system. Must have when using Linegrip.

Sheriff FX



140 m long and 400 high highline in Aravis Range


Nathan Paulin and Danny Menšík

The sport of slacklining has gone to new lengths – a full kilometre, as a matter of fact. In Aiglun, France, on Tuesday, April 19. The highliner and balance athlete Nathan Paulin along with Danny Menšík set a new record for the longest slackline ever – over 1km. It's also the longest balance act ever – besting Paulin's previous record and Nik Wallenda's 'longest tightrope' record by more than double.