Ancee Kuchařová

"To me slackline is sport that has grown into lifestyle and work, too. I enjoy it that way though. Taking every piece of the beauty it gives me. Airy experiences, lovely places, awesome people!"

Former female european highline record holder. Enthusiastic promoter of yoga and healthy living

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Favourite slackline spot:

Gee, I like most of the places where I slackline and I always like to think it would be great to come back there. But my biggest love are both Lost Arrow spires; the one in Yosemite, and the one in Adrspach as well :)

Gear of choice:

Minima FX

lightweight ball-bearing pulley system



Highline expedition to Iceland

Iceland is a place where nature is more powerful than man. A land where rain and winter tempt your will and endurance. And when you feel most down, losing hope, spectacular scenery suddenly shows up totally out of blue. A team of five Czech highliners and one documentarist travelled there to set the very first highline. Check the film shot on the expedition.

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Slackline expeddition to USA

It was nothing new really. Our goal was to repeat the most old-school West coast lines, you know, walk the infamous Yosemite Lost Arrive Spire line, check out Moab, Zion, and Joshua Tree. The expedition gave birth to a film that received an audience award at International Mountaineering Films Festival in Teplice.​

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